Cherry-Vanilla Infused Bourbon

What do you do when you have an excess of summer produce? Do you freeze it? Or pickle it? Maybe you jam it?

Me? I put it in booze. Hello Friday.

Cherries have been in excess at the farmers markets and grocery stores lately (this is not a bad problem to have). So I have been savagely gobbling them up, with stained fingers and lips to prove it. But then one day while I was stuffing my face, it occurred to me to drop a few handfuls into some bourbon, along with a vanilla bean and a few tablespoons of honey. Then I let everything sit for about 2 weeks. And WOW! I’m super happy with the end result: a spectacularly colored bourbon (just look at the color!) with subtle hints of cherry and vanilla. And now I have a way to enjoy summer cherries for months to come!

This Cherry-Vanilla Infused Bourbon is great on the rocks. But I’m also really looking forward to using it as a base for some really tasty cocktails. In need of some inspiration? I’m particularly loving this, this and this. It will put the cherry flavor over the top!

You don’t need to break the bank on the bourbon. But do use something that you all ready like to drink (I used Maker’s Mark). The recipe below starts with 2 cups of bourbon, but you can scale up or down as you see fit. This would make a great hostess gift. And it’s perfect for the bourbon lover in your life.



Cherry-Vanilla Infused Bourbon

Yield: Makes 2 cups

Cherry-Vanilla Infused Bourbon


  • 2 cups cherries, stems and pits removed
  • 2 cups bourbon
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 vanilla bean pod, split in half lengthwise


  1. Add all of the ingredients to a jar with a tight fitting lid (I like to use a big mason jar). Give it a shake and then store it in a cool, dark place for approximately 2 weeks (I stored mine in my kitchen pantry). I suspect longer storage would be fine, but I haven’t done it. Give the jar a gentle shake every couple days during this time.
  2. After about 2 weeks, strain the bourbon through a fine mesh strainer, collecting the liquid into a clean jar with a tight fitting lid. Or divide the bourbon into smaller jars for gift giving.
  3. Serve the Cherry-Vanilla Infused Bourbon on the rocks, or use it in cocktails as you would plain bourbon.

11 comments on “Cherry-Vanilla Infused Bourbon”

  1. YES, please!! I need this. Cherry + bourbon sounds like the perfect cocktail base 🙂

  2. I LOVEEEEE this recipe!!! Thank you!

  3. Hi! I would love to share this recipe with our BevMo! fans.

    Let me know what you think!


    • Thanks Kris! Yes, absolutely. As long as you link back to Floating Kitchen, I would love it if you shared my recipe!

  4. Cherry Vanilla Bourbon! Yummy! What a creative and fun way to use leftover fruit! My husband absolutely LOVES bourbon and I bet I’ll really enjoy this rendition. I can’t wait to share it with him 🙂

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  6. Doing this right now. Thanks for the recipe! How long will the end results store? I don’t want to keep in a refrigerator if I can help it, because bourbon is said to not take well to long term refrigeration.

    • Hi Cherry, I’m not exactly sure how long it will last (mine never lasts that long! :-)). But probably a couple months? The alcohol should keep any microbial growth away.

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