A couple weeks ago we had dinner at Brass Tacks in Georgetown. They have a really beautiful bar that is lined with large jars of alcohol in the process of being infused with various fruits, herbs and spices. We tasted a few of these infused alcohols and by far our favorite was the honeycomb-bourbon. It was slightly sweet (but not overly so) and had a little less kick to it then straight-up bourbon. I could have drank those all night – they were sooooo delicious! By my wallet wouldn’t have liked that very much. It was not a cheap beverage! So I was inspired to make some honeycomb-bourbon at home.

It’s really very simple and there isn’t much in way of a recipe. Just mix bourbon and a honeycomb, wait a few weeks, strain and then drink. Super easy! For the bourbon, choose something that you would normally drink (you don’t have to break the bank here). You can find natural honeycombs at higher end grocery stores (like Whole Foods) or specialty markets.

My favorite way to enjoy this is on the rocks. But you can use it as you would any other bourbon. I think this Honeycomb-bourbon would make a fantastic Mint Julep or Bourbon & Lemonade. Sounds like some awesome summery cocktails to me! This would also make a great gift for the bourbon lover in your life.




Yield: Makes 1 liter



  • For the Honeycomb-Bourbon
  • 1 liter bourbon
  • 1 honeycomb (these usually come in a 4 or 5 inch square)

  • Special Equipment
  • 1.5 liter Mason jar (or other large container with tight fitting lid)
  • Cheesecloth


  1. Wash your Mason jar (or whatever ever other large container you will be using to make the Honeycomb-Bourbon). Place the honeycomb inside the jar. You may have to cut it to get it to fit (I had to cut mine in half). Pour the bourbon into the Mason jar, seal the lid, and invert the jar a few times to mix. Put the Mason jar away for 2 weeks. Give the Mason jar a gentle shake or invert it to mix every couple days over this 2 week period. There will be waxy pieces of the honeycomb floating around and the bourbon may look a little cloudy – that’s ok.
  2. After two weeks, strain the Honeycomb-Bourbon. First strain it into a large bowl or pitcher using a regular colander or strainer (one that you would use for pasta is fine). This will catch all the big pieces. Rinse out the Mason jar ad place a piece of cheesecloth over the mouth of the jar and secure it with an elastic band. Pour the Honeycomb-Bourbon back into the Mason jar through the cheesecloth. Discard the cheesecloth. Your Honeycomb-Bourbon is now ready to drink!


1. Large Mason jars can usually be found at hardware stores or kitchen stores.

2. If you want to make 750mls (one fifths worth of bourbon) of Honeycomb-Bourbon, you may consider using less honeycomb to avoid over sweetening the bourbon.

3. I strained my honeycomb-bourbon after 2 weeks. I’m sure you could let it sit even longer, but I haven’t tried.


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