Yogurt-Honey Panna Cotta

  • Yogurt-Honey Panna Cotta
  • Yogurt-Honey Panna Cotta
Posted on January 9, 2015

Disclosure: Thank you Simple & Crisp for stocking my pantry with colorful, healthy treats! I am grateful for opportunities which allow me work with brands that I love. As always, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

OK, here we are just one week into January and I’m all ready talking about desserts. Sorry. I know sweets are something that a lot of people are trying to avoid. But I’m a dessert kind of gal. Plain and simple.

You can take the girl out of the dessert, but you can’t take the dessert out of the girl.

But “dessert” doesn’t have to be a naughty word. I proclaim that we can totally indulge our sweet tooth without destroying our resolutions. Yes. Let’s do that.

Enter: Yogurt-Honey Panna Cotta. With no refined sugars, a little less fat and a little more protein, you can practically have this for breakfast. And in fact, I may have done that. Twice. Ok, three times. Real talk.

In addition to being a bit on the healthier side, these babies are perfectly portion controlled. We aren’t going to mindlessly inhale an entire box of cookies here. Nope. We are way to cool and collected for those kinds of shenanigans.

Also, individual sized desserts are totally cute and we all know that cute food just tastes better. That’s a fact.

But you know what panna cotta needs? Toppings. Lot’s of toppings. I’ve tried all kinds of combinations (= research), and my favorite so far is a drizzle of honey, some dark chocolate and a slice of Simple & Crisp Orange. Don’t miss the Simple & Crisp giveaway details below!

Simple & Crisp dried fruit crisps are one of the most versatile entertaining items that I keep in my kitchen. They add elegance and color to cheese platters. They dress up desserts. And they make beautiful garnishes for cocktails. With four amazing flavors, the pairing possibilities are endless. And of course, you can always eat them straight out of the box. Nothing wrong with that. Healthy snacking win!

If you haven’t tried Simple & Crisp yet, now is your chance. Because YOU could win a Simple & Crisp Orange Crisp Mini Pack here today! To enter, just use the Rafflecopter widget below (it may take a minute to load between entries, please be patient). And make sure to enter by January 16, 2015 for your chance to win! Update: This giveaway has ended and a winner has been chosen. Thank you to all who participated. And a big thank you to Simple & Crisp for sponsoring this giveaway!



Recipe adapted from Smitten Kitchen

Yogurt-Honey Panna Cotta

Yield: Makes twelve 4-ounce servings

Yogurt-Honey Panna Cotta


  • For the Panna Cotta
  • 1 packet (2 1/2 tsp.) unflavored gelatin
  • 4 tablespoons cold water
  • 2 cups whole milk Greek yogurt
  • 2 cups half and half
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp. almond extract
  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed orange juice

  • For Garnish
  • Honey
  • Orange-flavored dark chocolate, shaved or finely chopped
  • Simple & Crisp Orange


  1. In a small bowl, stir together the gelatin and the water. Set aside.
  2. Add the Greek yogurt to a large bowl. Set aside.
  3. In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the half and half with the honey. Once small bubbles begin to appear at the surface, remove the mixture from the heat. Whisk in the gelatin/water. Then pour this mixture over the Greek yogurt, whisking until smooth. Whisk in the extracts and the orange juice.
  4. Pour the mixture into small jars (4-ounce mason jars work great here), cups or ramekins. Cover and refrigerate until firm, at least 4 hours. Panna cotta can be stored for up to 5 days.
  5. To serve, drizzle the panna cotta with a small amount of honey. Top with a sprinkling of dark chocolate and Simple & Crisp Orange.


  • I would pair it with some ice cream


    • Good plan, Ashley! 🙂

  • I’m all about the desserts, so keep ’em coming! This panna cotta looks so delicious, Liz! I love the yogurt and honey in here. Gives it such great flavor!


    • Thanks, Gayle! Happy Friday!

  • I have never actually made a panna cotta (for shame, I know!). This looks like a great first one to try. Beautiful!


    • That’s hard to believe, Jennifer! Seems right up your alley!

  • Yaaahm. Look at you, miss protein-packed panna cotta. And you know I’m alll about desserts, all the time. Even if everyone else isn’t. Who cares. You do you. XO!


    • Can’t stop, won’t stop! Hugs!

  • I have never seen these crisps before but they look wonderful! Actually it all looks fantastic! 🙂


    • They’re great! You’ll love ’em Annie!

  • I’m not sure what I would pair it with…the ice cream suggestion above sounds like a plan…and I may have to try this recipe too…next time I need dessert or breakfast for 12….


    • Now you’re thinking!!

  • Wow this looks amazing! The orange crisp is a perfect touch 🙂


    • Thanks, Medha!

  • I’ve never had panna cotta. I should definitely try it. Looks so delicious!


    • Oh you’ll love it! Let me know if you try it out!

  • Had to come over and see what this panna cotta is all about 🙂 And it sounds so similar to this Russian dessert that we make called smetanik. It’s made with gelatin and sour cream instead of cream and yogurt but kinda same concept. These look so fresh and I can only imagine that they taste fabulous !!!


    • Thanks, Katya! It does sound similar (and sometimes panna cotta can be made with sour cream too!).

  • Oh wow! This looks absolutely delicious!!!


    • Thanks, Amanda!

  • I would pair it with my chocolate torte.


    • That sounds like an excellent plan, Ella!

  • These looks positively divine Liz!! I want to devour each and every one of these – portion control be damned!


    • Ha ha. Yes, two is definitely better than one!

  • oh Liz!! I love little snacky crips like this! I would eat my Simple & Crisp Orange Crisps with greek yogurt! love the Panna Cotta you made!!


    • They are great with yogurt! They are great with everything in fact! Ha ha. Thanks, Alice!

  • I would pair it with Coconut milk ice cream


    • That sounds soooo delicious, Holly!

  • Wow I have never seen such a crisp before so I am looking forward to trying these!


    • On you’ll love ’em! Thanks, Ami!

  • Orange crisps sound divine, and I love panna cotta! I think I would pair the crisps with chocolate mousse. 🙂


    • Sounds yummy, Marcie!

  • I would pair it with Vanilla Greek Yogurt


    • Sounds great! That’s one of my favorite ways to eat it too!

  • Not gonna lie, panna cotta makes me endlessly happy as a dessert. It can take on so many different flavors, or just be simple and elegant. Case in point.


    • Thanks, girlfriend! I in love in panna cotta too!

  • This looks amazingly delicious.. all I need is a spoon, and a few dozen of these…that’s allowed because they are healthy. Right?


    • Totally! Great minds think alike, Cheyanne!

  • These are too cute for words! Those crisp orange slices look fantastic; thanks for the giveaway Liz!


    • Thanks, Allie! Almost too cute to eat…almost!

  • I’m with you – dessert definitely doesn’t have to be horribly bad for you! These look absolutely delicious! Love the hints of orange!


    • Thanks, Ashley! I’m a big proponent of desserts! 🙂

  • PANNA COTTA!! That’s my feelings right there. Just love love it and how creamy it is. Love this yogurt version. So good not to feel too bad!


    • Exactly! 🙂

  • I think they would be great with cheese and crackers.


    • That sounds delicious, Susan!

  • I would try the recipe.


    • Yeah! Thanks! 🙂

  • This looks so cool! I would pair it with an orange vodka cocktail! 🙂


    • Oh man. Brittany you are a girl after my own heart!

  • I think it would be great paired with Chocolate.


    • So good with chocolate! Thanks, Jenice!

  • I would eat them right out of the box


    • I do that ALL the time! Thanks, Carolyn!

  • How could I forget about the goodness that is panna cotta?! I’m going to need to make this ASAP to make up for lost time. I think the orange crisps would go great with some sort of dark chocolate mousse. Because chocolate and oranges go hand in hand!


    • I should definitely make panna cotta more often, too! It’s so easy! Chocolate + orange is the best!

  • i would pair with ice cream or chocolate 🙂 these look really yummy!


    • Sounds good! Thanks for stopping by!

  • I would crunch em up in granola 🙂


    • Sounds like a good plan!

  • I would pair the orange slices with some hibiscus flowers I have to make a super fancy cocktail!


    • Oh that sounds lovely, Sydney. What a creative idea!

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