Prosecco Raspberry Popsicles {Popsicle Week} |

Prosecco Raspberry Popsicles {Popsicle Week}

My biggest problems right now include (1) brain freeze and (2) a small freezer.

You see, we started this week off with an ice cream recipe for Ice Cream Week. And now we’re closing things out with a popsicle recipe for Popsicle Week. The internet has been officially frozen to the core.

And all of this coincides with the first full week of Summer. Life works in mysterious and wonderful ways sometimes.

But that also means that I photographed both recipes on some of the hottest days we’ve had so far this year. Making them two of the fasted (and messiest!) photo shoots I’ve ever done.

Prosecco Raspberry Popsicles {Popsicle Week} |

Popsicle Week is the brainchild of the creative and hilarious Billy from Wit and Vinegar. Last year there were over 65 popsicle recipes submitted (I made these Spicy Tequila Sunrise Popsicles and these Green Smoothie Breakfast Popsicles). This year, the numbers are projected to be almost twice that. Which means, lots of frozen treats on sticks for all you lovely folks out there. So if you haven’t bought yourself a popsicle mold yet, go do it ASAP and let’s get to work!

These Prosecco Raspberry Popsicles were inspired by a cocktail I made for my birthday this year. The cocktail was a big hit with all my friends, so I knew I wanted to turn it into a boozy popsicle recipe (otherwise known as a poptail!).

Prosecco Raspberry Popsicles {Popsicle Week} |

These are fruity and refreshing (and only 4 ingredients!) and should absolutely be enjoyed on the patio or by the pool. But you’ll have to eat them up in a hurry! The alcohol in these grown-up popsicles means they don’t freeze as solid as non-alcoholic popsicles would, so they’ll melt much more quickly once removed from the freezer. Be prepared for some drips.

You can find all the popsicle recipes from this year (and years past) on Billy’s official Popsicle Week page. And check out the hashtag #popsicleweek on Instagram for some extremely visual deliciousness.



Prosecco Raspberry Popsicles {Popsicle Week}

Yield: Makes about 10 popsicles, depending on your mold

Prosecco Raspberry Popsicles {Popsicle Week}


  • 1 cup Prosecco
  • 1/4 cup raspberry liqueur
  • 1/4 cup agave
  • 6 ounces raspberries


  1. Add all of the ingredients to your blender. Blend until smooth. Pour the mixture into your popsicle molds.
  2. Transfer the molds to your freezer and allow the popsicles to partially set, about 1-2 hours. Then insert wooden popsicles sticks into the molds. Continue to freeze until completely solid, about 6-8 hours.
  3. Remove the popsicles from their molds before serving. You can run a little warm water over the molds to help loosen them, if necessary. These popsicles will be slightly softer and melt more quickly than non-boozy popsicles. So eat them fast!


1. Some raspberry liqueurs contain honey and are not vegan friendly. I used St. George brand, which is vegan.

16 comments on “Prosecco Raspberry Popsicles {Popsicle Week}”

  1. I’m dealing with the same problem, my freezer just can’t hold everything! I have to admit I shot my ice cream on the hottest day and I’m about to shoot my popsicles today, on the darkest day, ughhh! Boozy pops FTW!

  2. Lovin’ these Liz! Summer would not be summer without some sweet and tasty boozy pops! These totally fit the bill. I’m in raspberry heaven!

  3. Wow, these sound absolutely fabulous Liz!!!!!

  4. Mmmm the combination of prosecco and raspberry sounds so refreshing and perfect for summer. Especially in popsicle form 😉

  5. OMG, I am LOVING popsicle week (and ice cream week for that matter)! I am an especially huge fan of boozy pops. I mean, come on… who doesn’t love poptails? These are FAB, Liz!! The color is gorgeous and the flavors so on point! Gimme ALL the prosecco raspberry poptails! Pinned! Cheers, lady!

  6. Loving these gorgeous photos and your popsicle recipe too! I am all for brain freeze.

  7. Oh the color… OH the ease! Dump, pour and freeze! The flavors are fabulous, Liz! And the prosecco? I can imagine how bubbly these are.. sitting poolside, I’d have to have my own personal cooler to keep these in… I’d just go ahead and eat all 10 of them while hanging out at the pool! Beautiful work, Liz! 😀

  8. This sounds like my kind of popsicle. And holy crap those ice cream and popsicle photo shoots had to be so quick! Who knew a popsicle would start to form a puddle in 0.3 seconds?! Crazy!! I love these and I hope you’re having a fantastic summer. 🙂

    • Thanks, girl! Yeah, at least the extreme heat forces me to get my work done quickly! Ha ha! Miss you!

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