Stout Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream |

Stout Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream

You guys! I can’t even handle this recipe today. I apologize in advance if this post is somewhat scatterbrained. My excitement runneth over.

Let me start by saying that you NEED to whip up this Stout Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream for your Valentine. It’s super chocolatey, rich and satisfying. And crazy easy to make. There is no baking or fancy cake decorating skills required for this drink-dessert hybrid.

Second, this hot chocolate has beer in it. Which not only gives it great depth of flavor. But also makes it perfect man food. You see, the interwebs tells me that most of you out there reading this little bloggity blog have two X chromosomes. So it’s logical for me to assume that the lucky recipients of your cooking endeavors are of the male variety. And in general, guys appreciate beer. Probably more than they appreciate miniature, pink, heart shaped desserts. Just saying.

Stout Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream |

OK, now we are getting to my favorite part: the ice cream. We’re adding ice cream right to our hot chocolate. The contrast of the hot chocolate with the cold ice cream is so freaking sexy. I’m in love. I think I heard angels sing when I took my first sip. Then I drank both mugs, got mildly drunk and definitely heard angels singing. #trueconfessions.

Finally, how did I not know that putting ice cream in hot chocolate was a thing? I thought we were friends here. You guys have to tell me about this kind of stuff. This is like the blogging equivalent of walking around with my skirt tucked into my tights and nobody telling me. Friends should tell friends about life altering, important details like ice cream in hot chocolate. I’m pouting.

OK. I’m over it. I can’t stay mad at you guys. No hard feelings.



P.S. I used Rogue Ales Chocolate Stout in this recipe. Solid choice. You should seek it out.

Stout Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream

Serves 2

Stout Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream


  • 12 ounces chocolate stout beer
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 4 ounces dark chocolate, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • Two large scoops of vanilla ice cream


  1. In a saucepan over medium-high heat, bring the chocolate stout to a simmer. Cook the stout for about 10-15 minutes, or until it's reduced to about 3/4 of a cup. Remove from the heat and set aside.
  2. In a separate sauce pan, warm the milk over medium heat, being careful not to bring it to a boil. Add the cocoa powder, chocolate and sugar, whisking until everything is well combined and the mixture is smooth. Whisk in the reduced beer. Remove from the heat and set aside.
  3. Divide the ice cream between two mugs. Pour the stout hot chocolate over the ice cream. Serve immediately.

81 comments on “Stout Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream”

  1. Hot chocolate with Ice cream AND BEER?! I am want to be all up inside this cup of goodness! I don’t even know if I can wait until tomorrow…so i think Friday is a perfect day for beer 😉 Pinned!

  2. I can’t even. I mean, yum. This is such a great recipe, Liz. Pinned.

  3. Ice cream and hot chocolate?! Yes, please! Is it five o’clock yet because I seriously need one of these!

  4. Hot chocolate with beer?! Umm yes, please! And even better with ice cream! This is seriously amazing, Liz! I think my husband would love this!

  5. What a fun dessert! My husband would absolutely love this!

  6. Liz, how did I not know that putting ice cream in hot chocolate was a thing??!!! How have I never done this?!!! this is amazing and looks so good!!! and oh my gawd, want that chocolate stout beer, like now.

    • Right? We have a lot of years to make up for now. Going to be putting ice cream in every mug of hot chocolate from now on!

  7. This one has my husband’s name all over it! Off to get some stout 🙂

  8. Well slap me silly, I think I just found my flying-solo-on-Valentine’s-Day dessert! I love me some hot chocolate and ice cream and stout is my all-time favorite beer. Bring on that depth of flavor and cue up them singing angels, I’m getting frisky with all these fancy mugs!

  9. I’m with ya on the excitement!! This looks Ahhhhhmazing!! Pinned 🙂

  10. First of all, this post and the comments are hilarious! Second, I have put chocolate in my beer but never beer in my chocolate! And the ice cream? How could I not know about this?!?!?! This is on the menu tonight. There will be no waiting until tomorrow — unless it’s for round two! Cheers!

    • Oh I love the subtleties here: chocolate in beer being different than beer in chocolate! You are a true food and beer lover. I’m digging it! I hope you enjoy rounds 1 and two!

  11. This sounds absolutely amazing! Beer in hot chocolate? Mind blown! Hubby and I will be indulging in this delicacy over the weekend!

  12. Ok, I love this! I’m one of those brave gals who really likes Guiness, especially in the winter. It has such a great, cocoa flavor to it. I can imagine how great this hot cocoa is!

    • Yeah, Guiness would be awesome in here! I don’t really think you can go wrong! Let me know if you try it out, Natalie!

  13. I know someone that would LOVE a few of these for Valentine’s! Okay….it’s me. I would love them. 😉

  14. Well, this drink is gorgeous, and it sounds ABSOLUTELY delightful! Thanks for sharing this with us… I’m going to have to make it soon!

  15. I would never in a million years have thought of this, but you’ve made me want it sooooo bad!

  16. ICE CREAM, BEER and chocolate? Hhahah this is just amazing! That’s all!

  17. What a brilliant idea, love the addition of stout beer and ice cream! Need to try this very soon! Pinned and shared! Have a great weekend!

  18. This is my kind of dessert! Beer & ice cream – I’m in!

  19. Ummm how have I gone MY WHOLE LIFE without putting alcohol and ice cream into hot chocolate!? I feel like I’ve been deprived. Must get this into my belly!!

    • I know. We have been totally deprived. Got some time to make up for girl, so get going! I had another mug last night!

  20. Hot chocolate and beer?! This is such a brilliant idea, Liz — stout and chocolate are so great together, but I never would’ve thought to make hot chocolate out of the combo! Pinned.:)

  21. Love love love this post! I agree – nothing sexier than hot chocolate and ice cream. Pinned!

  22. Okay, Liz. I would have told you had I known…. I had no freaking clue this existed!! I’m living under a rock or something over here… OMG! So, I’m not a beer drinker (I know, I know), but I think I could handle it with chocolate and ice cream!? I mean, why not, right? Rob would love this!! Thanks Liz!

  23. Ok, I can see why you’re so excited, this recipe sounds amazing!

  24. YES to everything about this. Beer with chocolate and ice cream?! I need it.

  25. Beer in hot chocolate, I’m SO down with this! Plus, the pictures alone are killing me, gorgeous!

  26. Ummmm, yea, so no one told me ice cream and hot chocolate should be together either. Looks amazing. And oh my gosh, a splash of stout. Just stop. Too many good things going on here!

  27. Oh my gosh, I can’t handle this either! Looks soooooo delicious! I want to dive in head first. 😛


  29. Ok you are seriously speaking straight to my heart! Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate, BEER?! omg omg omg pinning immediately!

  30. Whoa whoa! Beer in hot chocolate??? Why have I never tried this before? Sounds awesome and totally something my husband would be down with!

  31. Oh my this look so good! xo

  32. This hot chocolate looks amazing! This is such a cool cominbation

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  35. This recipe has my husband’s name written all over it!

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  38. does the alcohol cook out of the beer?

    • Hi Christina. Some of the alcohol will likely cook out. But I can’t guarantee it will be all gone. So if you’re serving this to someone who is sensitive to alcohol, you might want to just skip the beer. You could add a little more milk instead.

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  42. Honestly, I was skeptical. Then I made it and it was soooo good! Perfect proportions Liz, I made this at a party and everyone was coming back to seconds. Cheers!

  43. I know this is an old post, but I would love it if you would link it up to Tipsy Tuesday at Grey is the New Black. I saw this on the cocktails Facebook group!

  44. Ummm where has this been in my life?! Perfection!

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